Family Support

Family Support

Entire families are affected when an individual is overcome by addiction. Tranquility Rehab understands the importance family support plays in recovery.  Family group sessions and visitation are offered on Saturdays to provide a safe environment for clients and their families to learn the tools.

What to Expect


An admission specialist will conduct the initial admission call, which is entirely confidential. The specialist will go through a series of questions to determine if our program is the best fit for you.  The pre-admission assessment typically takes from 25- 40 minutes. Insurance information will be collected at this time. If our program is not the best fit for you, our staff will guide you to our community partners.


If you determine that Tranquility is the right program, an admission appointment will be scheduled for you. During the admission process, you will meet with a Licensed Nurse, Medical Provider, and Clinical team member, who will deter


mine the appropriate level of care.
 Please look at what to bring and the contraband link for more information about what to bring to treatment.
Detoxification services are provided to clients determined by the Medical team during admission who would benefit from the assistance that Medically Assisted Treatment offers to minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms.
Clients are closely monitored during detox to ensure their safety, and physicians are available  24/7.  Clients are not required to participate in programming while in Detox.


Once clients are deemed appropriate for residential care, they will be oriented to the milieu.  Clients will attend weekly group and individual sessions with counselors and therapists. Each client will have weekly follow-ups with a medical provider and the ability to meet with other specialists as needed.