Rehab Admissions Process

To ensure that each client receives personalized addiction treatment and the best opportunity for recovery, Tranquility Rehab initiates the admission process with an initial conversation. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself, a loved one, or a patient with alcohol or drug addiction, our addiction treatment admissions counselor will guide you through the process during a phone call. We’ll talk about your questions and payment options during this initial call. 

We can help you during the call if you would like to submit an insurance verification request. We aim to make the admissions process as efficient and straightforward as possible.

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Payment Options

Do you have a payment plan in mind for your substance abuse treatment? 

It is common for clients to rely on their insurance policy to cover their expenses. However, if the policy falls short or does not cover the entire cost, Tranquility Rehab’s admissions process includes providing you with alternative payment options to bridge the gap.

Verify Your Insurance Online

The admission process of Tranquility Rehab is managed by experienced admissions counselors who are proficient in obtaining every benefit that your insurance policy offers for admission to our rehab center. Suppose you plan to use your insurance policy to cover the cost of treatment. In that case, we will require you to complete an insurance questionnaire over the phone or submit an online verification form. 

To speed up the process, we suggest you provide your insurance information online first, which usually takes two hours for us to receive estimated coverage amounts from your insurer. This approach ensures we can proceed further into the admission process during the first phone call.

Schedule an Intervention for Addiction Treatment

If you are experiencing difficulty persuading a loved one to pursue treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction, we can arrange for a professional intervention. Our team collaborates with experienced interventionists who will plan and manage the event in advance and facilitate the intervention.

A Note on the Admissions Process

At Tranquility Rehab, we provide personalized addiction treatment within a private and luxurious facility. As a result, there may be a brief waiting list for admissions. Although, we acknowledge that combating drug or alcohol addiction is a critical concern. So, our proficient team is trying to ensure that you or your loved one is admitted to the treatment program as soon as possible.