About Us

Discover The Tranquility Rehab Experience

Acknowledging your addiction to substance abuse and needing help takes lots of courage. But soon after, this admittance will feel like the right decision taken at the right time, and so is our mission. Tranquility Rehab is an addiction treatment center in the Castro Valley of California. That aims to set you and a thousand others like you back on track by wiping out your dependency on drugs or alcohol for good.

Tranquility Rehab facilitates you with many great research-based recovery treatments to deal with your substance dependency and the co-occurring physical health, mental health, and behavioral issues. Through a detoxification program, residential servicephysical healing, and family support program.

Your health and safety are our first priority for the Tranquility Rehab addiction treatment center. Each of our employees are professional, dedicated, and highly qualified in their respective fields. Who sees you as an individual and guides you to the best treatments that fit best to your circumstances.

From assessment to your last day at Tranquility rehab, and even after the recovery, our addiction treatment center offers complete support and plans that guide you to a healthy, addiction-free life. We enable you to build habits that help you avoid drug and alcohol abuse even after recovery. 

A Long-Term approach to recovery

Your Absolute Recovery Is Possible At Tranquility Rehab

Although drug and alcohol addiction is a constantly recurring illness that affects a person’s physical and mental health the most. Such addictions often leave an indirect impact on the family members as well, affecting their mental health too. Hence, our addiction treatment center facilitates the patients and provides therapy for the family members’ well-being. Thus, Tranquility Rehab is here to provide our patients with the following: