Welcome Letter

Here at Tranquility Rehab, our compassionate approach to working with those suffering from substance abuse sets us apart. Starting from the pre-admission phone call and leading through to discharge into a lower level of care, you will interact with staff members who seek to support, guide and provide a structure through a life-altering process.

Our facility has two levels of care: detox and residential. Our clients are provided around-the-clock supervision, including medical and nursing support, individual and group counseling, and case management services. At every point along your journey, we are working to ensure a safe and encouraging environment. We work diligently and in collaboration to build a support network you can rely on while you are with us and after you move on to the next step of your recovery journey.

We recognize your bravery and willingness to address what lies underneath the shield of addiction. The idea that ‘what helps us, hurts us’ is paramount to understanding the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. Our counselors and therapists are here to provide evidence-based treatment that will offer you new ways of being and help you in the short and long term. 

What we ask is that you commit. This commitment can be broken down into three parts:

Search within and find meaning; tell your story; share with those who understand your struggles; place your armor aside and find safety in these moments of connection.


Build mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility through participation in the program. Work closely with the counselors and therapists to immediately address cravings and negative thought patterns that keep you stuck. Create a realistic and beneficial recovery support plan for continued success.


Create a realistic and beneficial recovery support plan for continued success. Recognize triggers and utilize skills that will allow you to maintain your hard-earned sobriety. Make efforts to surround yourself with those who can and will support the growth you’ve attained.

Your recovery journey is just beginning, and we look forward to helping create a strong foundation that will continue to be built upon. 

Emily Mendez, LMFT

Clinical Director

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. Our fear of the dark casts our joy into the shadows” - Brené Brown.

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