Detoxification Services

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Tranquility Rehab will offer residential detoxification services to adult men. The residential detoxification staff will consist of qualified staff twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

Rehabilitation Center

Tranquility Rehab’s comprehensive residential treatment program aims to help adult men struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders explore the roots of their addiction and develop the tools to successfully reintegrate into life outside of treatment.

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The role of spiritual recovery or spiritual care services in addiction treatment centers has always proved effective for recovery. Most people define the meaning of spirituality within the context of religion and faith.

Family Addiction Recovery Program

Entire families are affected when an individual is overcome by addiction. Tranquility Rehab understands the importance family support plays in recovery.  Family group sessions and visitation are offered on Saturdays to provide a safe environment for clients and their families to learn the tools. 


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Substance abuse often leaves the body physically and chemically weak. Therefore, one of the keys to…


Tranquility is an efficient non-profit drug and alcohol rehab center located in Castro Valley in California. Just as its name suggests, it makes every effort to help and restore peacefulness and calmness in the life of a child, an adult, or a senior person experiencing mild to severe drug abuse disorders.


Over the past few years, it’s been observed that there is a connection between your emotions and your addiction. We call it the uncontrolled emotions that often lead you and your loved ones to substance abuse disorder. More often than not, it is pain, anger, or stress that you try to suppress with an addiction thinking it would help, but it does not. So, what if you knew how to control your emotions? In this regard, Tranquility Rehab provides emotional healing services. That helps you become emotionally stronger. So that you stay away from addictions even after the recovery phase.


Returning to a normal life, and achieving long-term recovery after a prolonged period of addiction is not the product of primary treatment only. It takes something more than that. Such as a holistic approach, in which we see an individual as a whole and take care not only of the mental needs but also of the physical needs via physical healing services.


Tough medical conditions can kickstart drug and alcohol abuse.